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Like a rainbow
Embraces the world
Will our dear Lord
Embrace us with love
The eternal love
Like a raindrop
blesses the world
May our dear Lord
Bless us with hope
So that one day he’ll find faith on earth
Like a sunlight
Shines down on us
Will the Lord show us
the path that’ll guide us
towards the eternal peace
No matter if we fall
Lose faith in our hearts
Even when we lose our way
Show us how to be saved
May the Lord embrace each one of us
In the name of the Christian Cross
The symbol of Alliance
The eternal Alliance
to the cry of innocent blood
spilled on the battlefields.
to those
whom the violence of arms
has torn from this life.
At this time
of unheard violence
and senseless slaughter;
Accept Father,
the plea that rises to you.
No More War
to the Hearts
of those who hold Nations Destinies
in their hands.
to your children
as they cry out in Unison.
Let the spirit
of Unity and Harmony,
of Love and Peace
come upon those
who Govern the Nations.

Da: “Accoglici nella Croce” di San Giovanni Paolo II Adattamento testo di Jessica Tekin

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